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Unofficial Olimexino Nano pinout (ver. 0.1)

Same days ago I received my Olemixino nano, a little clone of arduino Leonardo, but when I searched for some documentation i didn’t find anything except for the schematics on the official site and the source files for Eagle (Olimexino nano schematics and source files) then I decided to draw the simple pinout you can see below. It’s only a beta version, I’ll add more contents, now there is just few indication:

  • how the pin it’s named on olimexino schematic
  • the physical pin of the atmega32u4
  • how refer to the pin in the Arduino IDE

Enjoy it!

Unofficial olimexino nano pinout v.0.1

Click on the image to see it at full resolution.
If you find some mistake please tell me in the comments. I’m sorry for my bad english, but this is my first english article.

You can find an italin version of this article here


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